Aerial Videos

Sample videos taken with our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

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    • Higher numbers are better quality, at the cost of needing faster internet connection.
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Rochester, NY Compilation

Frozen Fun Flight

Fall for New York

Dutch Hill Wind Farm

UAV over High Falls in Rochester

Whittier Road Photovoltaic Plant Tour

Geneseo Drive-In Balloons Glow

Hopewell Airpark 90NY

MUGS, Mobile Unit Ground Station

S900 Flight Test

Industrial Inspection

UAV Cargo Boat

Wegmans Car Cruise

Samples from Ravenwood

Kites From Above

Genesee Brewery Fermentation Tanks

Jack's Horses

Honeoye Falls Falls

El Galeon

Canandaigua, NY

Eagle Vale Golf Course, Fairport, NY

Mendon Golf Course, Mendon, NY

Sodus, NY

Get me some gas