Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team, First sUAS Representative Gleim Aviation, Excellence in Aviation Training, Authorized Dealer Professional Quality Drone Imagery
Capturing Your Vision - Photography and Videography - Imagery for 3D Models - Orthomosaics for Mapping - Inspections for Data - We Produce Professional Results

Established in 2015

First FAA authorized commercial operator in
Rochester New York and the Finger Lakes region.

We are safety conscious and ethically driven
in finding aerial solutions for our clients.

We strive to evolve our skills and develop creative ideas.


When a thousand words just isn’t enough.

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Aerial Videos

Visual storytelling that brings your subject to life.

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3D Models

Just plain magic for that WOW factor. Empowering data for engineering, construction, and science.

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We may not know how to sew, but we do know how to stitch together hundreds of images.

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Mobile Ground Station

Custom-built and self-contained ground control station for effective and efficient flight operations

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News Articles

Being the first, or having something unique, has people noticing.

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Cornell Project

A year-long project to study how forests impact climate change. It was as fun to work on as it was significant to science.

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When we’re not immersed in the unmanned world, you’ll find us at an airport, in a hanger, or cleared for take-off.

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Based out of Rochester, NY 14604

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